The Silent Partner Current (SPCV) Logger is an inexpensive Current and Voltage logger that is ideal for quickly gathering current and voltage profiles. The SPCV-200 measures and logs up 200A and SPCV-1000 measures and logs up 1000A.The integrated split-core Current Transformer allows for simple, non-intrusive hookups and internal impedance network for voltage.

More than Just Graphs!
Silent Partner Pro is a lot more than just data logging software package. This one is designed so that energy managers and engineers can create effective graphs and reports instantly, save money and energy from day one, and share their results with their colleagues. It's also very simple and friendly to use, and won't have you reaching for the User Manual every time you open it! Specifically created for the MBL-40, SPPlus and SPCV, Silent Partner Pro integrates seamlessly with the all these devices via a hi-speed USB connection with auto-sensing built-in.

Easy to Use
Silent Partner Pro is a ask oriented' data logger software package, so even if you are not an expert in utility management it will always guide you in the right direction so that you will achieve accurate reporting first time, every time. It provides full set-up and user-control for the all the instruments allowing you to define survey periods, storage rates and download schedules as well as providing additional features such a battery condition indicator and clock set function.


  1. Simple, Easy, Powerful
  2. Flexible Graphing Package
  3. Multi-Rate Tariffs
  4. Automatic Energy Costing
  5. Automatic Reports, Export Files to CVS, MS Excel, MS Words and HTML
  6. Excellent Zooming Function
  7. Real Time Meter Mode


  1. Investigate over charging, under charging
  2. Investigate inaccurate revenue billing meters
  3. Monitor voltage sags, swells, and current profiles
  4. Customer complaint diagnosis
  5. Monitoring vacant buildings
  6. Peak Shaving and Load Management
Software Features
  • Runs under Microsoft Windows®
  • Flexible View graphs from 1 second and up
  • Full colour printer suppor
  • View current and voltage traces on a single graph
  • Built-in export to CSV, MS Excel, MS Word and HTML
  • Enable and disable individual traces to remove on-screen clutter
  • Allows you to import a bitmap file so you can include your company logo on printed reports
  • Graphs can be configured to display a single or dual Y-axis
  • View your data in graphical form or view the actual numerical data in tabular form
  • Zoom feature allows you to view graphs in maximum detail
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  • The Notes box allows you to enter information about the test site, particulars of the hookup, contact names, etc.
  • All setup of sampling rate/storage interval, time and channel configuration is done via software
  • Silent Partner software can download any logger in the Silent Partner family
  • Calculate Power values such as kW, kVAR, kVA, kWh and kWh cost!
  • View your data in graphical form or view the actual numerical data in tabular form
  • Enable and disable individual traces to remove on-screen clutter
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  • The Data Box allows you to view details information on the Graph.
  • The Survey Summary gives you concise statistics about your data in one compact report, with min/max reports for each data type.
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