The Silent Partner Meter Logger is a safe, easy to operate logging solution for residential use. Completely housed in a meter base adapter, the logger is easily installed between the existing revenue meter and the meter base. Rugged, watertight construction means that the logger is resistant to harsh environments and vandalism. Unlike other loggers, the MBL actually measures line to line voltage in addition to line to neutral. This is important, because phase shifts can cause the sum of the two line to neutral voltages to be greater than the actual measured line-to-line voltage. Internal rechargeable batteries continue logging in the event of a power failure.


  1. Record RMS voltage for L1-N, L2-N, L1-L2, and RMS current for L1-N, L2-N (12-bit resolution).
  2. Installs behind regular revenue meter – no need to enter the customer’s house.
  3. -40°C temperature range for extreme weather conditions.
  4. Versatile neutral connection works with all sockets


  1. Investigate over charging, under charging, or inaccurate revenue billing meters.
  2. Monitor voltage sags, swells, and current profiles for L1 and L2.
  3. Customer complaint diagnosis.
  4. Monitoring vacant buildings.
  5. Peak Shaving and Load Management.
  6. Find loose neutrals



Maximum Channels Five  
Ranges Channel 1 and 2    0-150 VAC
Channel 3              0-300 VAC
Channel 4 and 5    0-225 Amps
All readings True RMS
External Connections Isolated USB. Internal RESET and SLEEP switches.
Sensor Type Voltage-internal impedance network, Current – internal CT’s  
Sample Rate ¼ Second.  
Storage Rate 1 second to 1 hour. Set via Silent Partner software Windows®.
Parameters Stored Average, Min/Max, or Min/Max/Average. Set via Silent Partner software Windows®.
Memory 512K bytes. Non-volatile flash memory.
Memory Treatment Stop when full, or wrap. Set via Silent Partner Pro software Windows®.
Storage Capacity 512K 512K Total
Indicators External: Loose neutral, Low/High Voltage Internal: Flashing Recording LED,  L1 voltage/power LED.
Power Line powered with internal rechargeable battery for backup. Uses rechargeable battery. Can be recharged via external power adapter (approximate recharge time 16 hours).
Battery Life 3 days typical with fully charged battery. Lead-foil battery.
Communications Optically isolated RS232, support for remote setup.  
Software Silent Partner Pro power calculation software for Windows®. Requires PC running Windows 32Bits and 64Bits
Packaging Water tight (with meter affixed). Rugged, durable ABS. All components conformal coated.
Accuracy Voltage: ±0.3% Full Scale, Current: ±0.3% Full Scale.  
Resolution 0.1V, 0.1A 12-bit A/D converter.
Safety Optically isolated download, CSA Special Inspection.  
Weight 3.25 lbs.  
Dimensions 6" diameter x 5" deep (6" dia. X 6" for -40° model).  
Environmental -40°C to 60°C (- 40°F to 140°F) extended temp range, Relative humidity - to 90% non-condensing.  
Specifications subject to change without notice.