The Silent Partner Current (SPCV) Logger is an inexpensive Current and Voltage logger that is ideal for quickly gathering current and voltage profiles. The SPCV-200 measures and logs up 200A and SPCV-1000 measures and logs up 1000A.The integrated split-core Current Transformer allows for simple, non-intrusive hookups and internal impedance network for voltage.


  1. Two channel Data Logger & Multi-Meter
  2. Measure and Loges up to 200 Amps / 600VAC on SPCV-200 and 1000A / 600VAC on SPCV-1000
  3. Power calculation software
  4. Selectable storage rate from 1 second to 4 hours
  5. Downloads with Silent Partner Pro Windows® software
  6. CATIII – 600V / CATIII – 1000V


  1. Energy Studies
  2. Industrial Monitoring
  3. Machinery and motor analysis
  4. HVAC studies
  5. Electrical Utilities
  6. Peak shaving and Load Management




Maximum Channels Two  
Range 2-200 Amps AC , 600VAC (SPCV-200)
2-1000Amps AC, 600VAC (SPCV-1000)
External Connections USB COM port, Voltage terminal and CT  
Sensor Type External CT’s for current, internal impedance network for voltage. Hall effect sensor for current.
Sample/Storage Rate 1 second to 4 hours. Set via Silent Partner Pro software Windows®.
Parameters Stored Single point store. Set via Silent Partner Pro software Windows®.
Memory 32K non-volatile  
Memory Treatment Stop when full, or wrap. Set via Silent Partner Pro software Windows®.
Storage Capacity 4000 readings per channel  
Indicators Flashing LED when logging.  
Power Internal battery. Uses standard 9V alkaline.
Battery Life Approximately 1 years.  
Communications USB COM Port, support for remote setup.  
Software Silent Partner Pro software Windows®. Requires PC running Windows 32Bits and 64Bits.
Packaging Rugged, durable ABS.  
Accuracy 1% Full Scale ± 1LSD  
Resolution 1 Amp  
Safety CATIII – 600V for SPCV-200*
CATIII – 1000V for SPCV-1000
*  Jaw Section: CATIII – 600V, 600A
Terminal: CATII – 600V ,  Double insulator
Max. Jaw Open Size 30mm (1.18”) diameter for SPCV-200
60mm (2.36”) diameter for SPCV-1000
Weight 280 grams (4 ounces) for SPCV-200
430 grams (4 ounces) for SPCV-1000
Dimensions 180 x 47 x 35 mm (7.1” x 1.9” x 1.4”)  
Environmental 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F), Relative humidity - up to 90% non-condensing.  

Specifications subject to change without notice.