Please note that Northwood Data Loggers Ltd name changed to Northwood Power Instruments Inc.
Northwood Power Instruments is one of the leaders in the research and commercial development of power monitoring equipment targeting the cause of power quality disturbances, resolve problems, and provide proactive methods for preventing future problems.

Northwood Power Instrument’s area of expertise is designing and manufacturing electrical test and measurement instruments for industrial process control, appliance testing, power electronics, motor controllers, generators and power conversion.

  • Pro Trend

    The Pro Trend three-phase power quality analyzer is an advanced....

  • Inter Logger

    A specially designed all-weather, self-powered, 8-channel data....

  • MBL 40

    The Silent Partner Meter Base Logger (MBL) offers unprecedented....

  • SPPlus HD

    The Silent Partner Plus is a precision 3 channel true RMS recorder.